Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble with The Jaynes- Thursday August 18th

Aug 2016

Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble is the cat in the hat of the irish dirge; the old man and the sea of the revolution, writing blindfolded knife-fight love songs, and contradictory, self-deprecating, anthrophobic laments. Well versed in the art of roguery, these charlatans will weave a groove around you using the thread of your underpants.
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Joining TZE for this night of fun will be local indie pop rockers The Jaynes; the foursome of Shane O’Handley (guitar, vocals) Andrew Greig (guitar, vocals) Redmond MacDougall (bass) & Steve Wilton (drums). It’ll sound something like this:

10:30pm-2am | $8 cover | (19+)