The Two Birdz & Jane Ehrhardt- Thursday August 25th

Aug 2016

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The Two Birdz

After stretching their wings all over the province of Quebec this past spring, The Two Birdz are now feeling a strange magnetic pull toward the pterodactylian path of the Maritimes! Their ancestors sang folks songs over hill and dale, both far and wide, and so will they! Currently with their second CD under their wing, these Jurassic birdz are yearning to discover new horizons and good company. Traveling alongside wonderous folksingers Jane Ehrhardt and Simon Paradis, they look forward to encountering fresh ideas and new inspirations—and nothing will stand in their way!

Jane Ehrhardt

After releasing four albums in English and one EP in French, Jane Ehrhardt is now embarking on the the most extensive Maritime tour of her career. This singer-songwriter at the height of her craft stands fearless before ferocious t-rexes, long stretches of monotonous highway and the Maritimes’ notoriously mammoth beer prices! For this adventurously titled “Jurassic Tour”, she will be accompanied by the equally courageous Simon Paradis. The two hope to tame wild Maritime audiences with spellbinding melodies, heartfelt lyrics and good, old-fashioned song-singing.

10:30pm start