T. Thomason//CAMERON//Fire Valley Fire- Saturday May 13th

May 2017

Fire Valley Fire
T. Thomason

T. THOMASON’s latest EP sweet baby is a declaration of independence for an artist you may have heard before, but never like this. After putting out sweet baby independently in 2016, the EP will get a formal release through Rae Spoon’s Coax Records on May 12, 2017.
Having made a bright and infectious pop-rock statement on the 2014 album Columbus Field, Thomason has graduated to a higher level of lyrical incisiveness and hard-hitting sonic experimentation on sweet baby. In basic terms, it’s about leaving teenage angst behind and fully embracing who you really are.
The Nova Scotia native’s list of past achievements includes several East Coast Music Award nominations, as well as sharing stages with Joel Plaskett, Hey Ocean!, Collective Soul and The Trews. Now, T. Thomason has begun a new chapter, one that’s challenging the image of Canadian rock as well.
The five songs on sweet baby grew out of a period of self-discovery that found Thomason feeling around in the dark, getting caught between rocks and hard places, and making friends there.
Recorded at Toronto’s Coalition Music, sweet baby was produced, engineered and mixed by Dave Henriques, with a core group that included guitarist Stewart Cameron and drummer Blake Manning (both of The Heartbroken and the Matthew Good Band), keyboardist Jeremy Dutcher, bassist Kyle Teixeira, and special guest Kenny Boothby of Toronto’s Little Kid.

CAMERON, consisting of sisters Barbara and Victoria Cameron, is a pop rock – heavy on the rock – duo ready to take the Canadian music industry by storm. Formerly two-thirds of the all-girl band Pink Thunder, these sisters are no strangers to the stage. Barbara, a recognized songwriter in her own right, having attended the Gordie Sampson Songcamp since it’s inception, and Victoria, a hair-flipping bassist for the likes of The Town Heroes, are now ready to take a second stab at the music scene, with a more mature image and edgy sound.
Their 12 track self-titled debut album is set to drop in May and is comprised of songs the girls have written and recorded, over the last 6 years, with producer Brian Talbot (Slowcoaster).
With dirty guitars, synergistic harmonies and pop hooks so infectious even an ear worm will have them stuck in it’s head, CAMERON will have listeners begging for more.

10:30pm start | $10 cover | (19+)