Micah Erenberg Band with Mike Fagan- Thursday Oct 13th

Oct 2016

Micah Erenberg is a storyteller and a singer/songwriter; an engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist; a front man in a rock band and a side man for anyone else.
He is devoted to taking his music from point A to point Z, and he is there for every step of the process: from demo tapes to full length albums; from jam spaces to touring the world.

Micah’s music has been described as “bedroom country/pop”, with production qualities reminiscent of Beck and story-based lyrics reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt.
His “tell all” style of writing makes for an incredibly captivating sound, and his songs cover all bases from sad and serious to happy and downright goofy.
Micah continually finds ways to reinvent the art of songwriting using a blend of honest lyrics, catchy melodies and unique musical arrangements.