Jessie Brown with Keith Doom and the Wrecking Crew & Julie Lemieux- Fri Sept 23rd

Sep 2016

Jessie Brown & band embark on a series of weekend tour dates (so they can keep their day jobs between gigs) to promote the release of the newest single “DEBT (We Ain’t Got No Money)”

Joined by Sydney’s own ‘Keith Doom & The Wrecking Crew’ & Julie Lemieux, you won’t want to miss this solid night of powerful, sweaty rock n’ fuckin roll.

Luring you in with her powerful and expressive voice, Jessie Brown is a siren perched atop the rocky shores of Halifax, Nova Scotia. With her power trio’s dark and moody take on Rock n’ Roll, the band has been dubbed “old music for young people” combining vocal wails reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant or Janis Joplin with distorted, saturated guitar or bass tones from Jason Vautour and rounded out by the thunderous rhythmic drums of Thomas Spence. Once described as Aretha Franklin singing for Queens Of The Stone Age, this Doom Soul trio will entice you to shore, crush your expectations, and keep your heart as a souvenir.

Keith Doom and The Wrecking Crew is the result of four adventurous boys who want to show the world their hardcore loins. Together they will rise to the top and spread their delicious rock and roll to the world.
A punk rock band that really loves space and really hates light beer. Like us on facebook!

Julie is an artist that takes all emotion and throws it back at you. She plays from a place that even she doesn’t understand, somewhere within. When you see her live the energy is tangible and the feelings she conveys are very real.

10:30pm start | $8 cover | (19+)