Jennifer Holub with Brian Cathcart (of Pretty Archie) – Friday July 29th

Jul 2016


Sudbury singer-songwriter Jennifer Holub performs at Governors Pub Friday July 29th with special guest Brian Cathcart (of Pretty Archie)

Jennifer Holub’s story is that of the truth-seeker; the philosopher, touching hearts wherever she goes, yet eerily sharing stories of the wraith; tales of the ghostly north.

Many of the songs and stories from Holub’s upcoming LP, “For The Haunting”, stem from a place she doesn’t understand herself. “Sometimes I have no idea where the narrative comes from,” she begins, “it flows out of me, I just make sure to document it properly. Most of the album was written in front of her bookshelf in her living room standing in the same location each time.”

Co-produced by her longtime friend Brian Dunn, the songs on Jennifer’s album; ” For The Haunting,” range from full in arrangement to minimalist, bringing Holub’s songwriting to life.

10:30pm start | $8 cover | (19+)